E2i Finance

Equipment Financing

Choose E2i Finance for a hassle-free approach to obtaining cutting-edge AV and lighting technologies from E2iDesign. With our streamlined process for equipment financing, you’ll be preserving capital while benefitting from rates locked for up to 84 months. A faster, simpler application process and larger approvals without extensive financial documentation means you are closer than ever to the tools and solutions you need to engage your audiences. Bundle your project into a single contract with customized payment plans, covering soft costs, freight, design fees, installation, and training (up to 25% cap) through our 100% financing. 

Why Finance

  • Conserve cash and bank lines
  • Lock in today’s rates/payments for up to 84 months
  • Get all the gear you need now, no need for stages
  • Faster and easier than bank financing
  • Larger approval amounts w/out financials
  • Bundle the entire project and multiple vendors in a single contract
  • Customized payment plans with project or seasonal cash flow
  • 100% financing – soft costs, freight, design fees, installation and training (25% cap)

Program Highlights

  • We can finance the entire project
  • $500K+ with a single application and bank statements
  • Custom payments from 12 – 84 months
  • Deferred Payments up to 180 Days
  • “Soft Pull” on personal credit (if needed)
  • Can structure Financing, Leasing, Rental or AVaaS contracts

Whether you’re a performing arts theatre, stadium, house of worship, school, etc.,  financing makes it easy to acquire the E2iDesign solutions you desire.


If you’d like to contact E2iFinance about how we can help you acquire the technology you need today,

Kristi Gorrell |  818-390-1903 | [email protected]
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